Friday, September 19, 2014

So these two pictures are my weapon and the cue for me to teach in public already. It's now official! I AM NOW A DEPED TEACHER. After more than 3 months of sorrowful waiting... :))

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello newbie to Blogger ;)

When you are new to something, it gives you the feeling of excitement and full load of stupidity. Yes i am so excited to create my own blog but I have to meet the requisites of it. Like the name or title, the address, the theme or the template, like OMG i've been here, in this situation before. Yes it was really not my first time blogging. I have other blog, well, that was in Tumblr. And here I am now, in Blogger. And yet, it is still new. And yes I'm still gonna go through all that stupidity, well, maybe not really stupidity. It's normal, because it is new. You knew nothing. You're going to learn step by step *saying-it-in-a-very-very-slooow-motion*. LUCKILY, i got it easily! Thanks to Mr. G of course. It's not the G for Mr. Grey, it's Mr. Google Ahihi... And let's talk about the title... and my address... "My modern paper and pen" .. I just LOVE it! Someone had asked me what thing I can't live without, and my answer in paper and pen. Yes. I always love to write. i have so many ideas in my mind. So many. That I cant even organize it and some i just forget. So i really really need my paper and pen. And todays "modern" era, where blogging and SPEaking out is in! At least on the web. Ive decided that that would be my blog's title. ANd i just love it. Plus my address, my favorite name KICHELLE of course I'm just simply stating the fact that i'm now blogging.Here.On Blogger. Haha.. So yeah. This will be my very first post. And. Hope to see more of you.. Or more of me on blogger. Haha. Blog blog. Be ready for a jam pack of nonsense from yours truly Kichelle .